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Wang Min was born in 1986. She graduated from the Oil Painting Department of  Fine Arts, South China Normal University in 2011. Throughout many of her portrait themed works, different paintings show the different and rich contemporary female states of mind. The different portrayals of female eyes display different emotions. Sometimes they are strong, sometimes they are ambiguous, sometimes they are flexible, and sometimes pure. in her latest series “V.” has taken on the topic she has come to call genetic diversity. What will we (more specifically our great great grandchildren) look like as a species when we begin to modify the gene code in pursuit of our more perfect designer children.




Wang Min’s works bring their greatest reception with the younger generations of China who connect with her effective and positive vision of contemporary China. She has moved beyond the stationary thinking and typical behavior of traditional portraiture by creating the ethereal images that translate inner movement and ambiguity portraying and expressing her own deep reflection.